Web development for design studios

We are a small web development studio based in Lancashire, doing custom WordPress development for design-led clients.

We partner with design studios and agencies, providing digital services and web development outsourcing with a high level of production value.

Front-end development

We provide hand-coded, semantic HTML and CSS built mobile first, using JavaScript and CSS3 to add animation and functionality enhancement to our projects.

As standard, we employ responsive design and development principles in our workflow — creating websites that are consistent across all modern platforms.

WordPress and CMS

We add content management to websites after evaluating the project to determine the most suitable CMS for each site we produce.

Although we have produced hundreds of custom themes for WordPress, we work with a range of other platforms such as Craft CMS, Kirby and Grav.

Consultancy and Support

During the design process, we are happy to help get involved — as this can reduce time spent in studio and provide a more robust solution for your client.

In addition to this, we provide workshops, training, screencasts and maintenance — giving your customers piece of mind after their website has gone live.